Thank you for being here, you must be raising babies

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          It's about your story. The connection between you and the people you love most is a subject that I'm striving to capture. It's the feeling of what it was like to be there in the moment that I want you to remember while looking at your photographs. It's not about perfection and forced smiles at the camera. It's about genuine emotions that elicit from truly being there, not from thinking about how your hair looks or worrying about your outfit, or  your children saying "cheese". 

          My approach to family photography is always child led, you simply cannot expect your two year old to listen to any instructions, but what you can expect is play, curiosity and wonder  that will come if you just trust the process and relax. Being RELAXED is huge, and if it means to pretend that your children belong to me for the duration of our time together then let's go for it. We all know that our kids behave differently with strangers and their parents after all.

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          Kind words

" The absolute BEST. We love shooting with make us all laugh and most importantly R E L A X and have fun. Thank you for the great suggestion of location and the stunning photos that we will cherish forever! We are so grateful!!"

Susan Ryan

Saland Photography is a professional photography business serving The Hamptons, NY


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